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Kensington, MD

#TeamTrees Family Platter Meal


1 Whole chicken and 3 sides of your choice. Upgrade Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Caesar Salad or House Salad to large for $1.00. (4 sauces included)

Family Platter Side Choice (Select 1) (Silver Spring):Large House Salad +$1Medium House Salad Large Coleslaw +$1Medium Coleslaw Large Potato Salad +$1Medium Potato Salad Large Caesar Salad +$1Medium Caesar Salad Rice & Beans French Fries Fried Yuca Fried Plantains Primavera Rice Mashed Potatoes White Rice Black Beans
Make It All White or Dark Meat (Optional):All White Meat +$2All Dark Meat

Kensington, MD

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