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Crisp and Juicy

Crisp and Juicy

This beloved local chain will mark its 30th anniversary next year. Most of its locations are comfortably situated in the 'burbs, but co-founder Jorge Perez opened this D.C. branch with partner Alfredo Izurieta a decade ago. After so many years in the business, their charcoal-chicken game is strong. Smoky, salty, herbal and succulent, the birds almost live up to the name out front. I say almost, because crispiness can be a fleeting thing with pollo a la brasa. Allow a fully cooked chicken to linger under a heat lamp, or sit too long in a holding unit, and its skin is bound to turn flaccid. But if you hit Crisp and Juicy shortly after they've pulled birds from the oven, you're likely to encounter a Peruvian chicken that borders on the ideal.

Crisp & Juicy: Local Restaurant Supporting Shepherd's Table

Alfredo Izuierta

The past year has been difficult for the restaurant industry, forcing many businesses to permanently shut their doors. Crisp & Juicy, however, has not been deterred from giving back to the community that's supported the restaurant throughout the pandemic. In response to a national hunger crisis, the restaurant is donating an entire chicken to Shepherd's Table with each purchase of a Superbowl Platter. All members of Montgomery County and the DC area are invited to support the project and help feed our neighbors....